Candle Nr 12 Figuier (Figne træ)

129,00 kr.

Håndhældte duftlys fra Provence i ravfarvede krukker. Lysene er fremstillet af 100% Vegetabilsk voks.
Vægen- Bomuld
Brændetid – 40 timer
Volume 180 ml
Ingredienser: 100% naturlig sojavoks, phthalatfri duft baseret på æteriske olier, bomuldsvæge.

På lager: 5 på lager

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FIGUIER (Scent nr 12, FIG) is the earthing scent of the fig tree, a symbol of the Mediterranean culture. In summer, the fig tree quickly grows its beautiful leaves, offering well-appreciated shadow and a certain coolness. A national sport in Provence is the famous afternoon-nap under the fig tree (“la sieste sous le figuier”) From mid-summer, it will produce generous amounts of figs, arguably the best fruit in the world… We’ve loved fig trees since childhood, and this scent is a stress-relieving anchoring at any difficult time.

Hand-poured in Provence into our apothecary amber glass jar. Thanks to the lid, you can keep the scent of your candle longer.

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