Candle Nr 13 Savon de Marseille (Marseille-sæbe)

129,00 kr.

Håndhældte duftlys fra Provence i ravfarvede krukker. Lysene er fremstillet af 100% Vegetabilsk voks.
Vægen- Bomuld
Brændetid – 40 timer
Volume 180 ml
Ingredienser: 100% naturlig sojavoks, phthalatfri duft baseret på æteriske olier, bomuldsvæge.

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SAVON DE MARSEILLE (Scent nr 13, SOAP) from all times, the perfume of the “Lavandières”, the ladies washing your linen perfect thanks to the huge blocks of Marseille soap, fresh river water and a lot of muscles (and lots of gossip about the village life). In any Provence village you will still find the old “lavoir”, the place where they used to gather to practice their profession. This scented candle is an ode to them, and will deliciously spread the scent of clean soap to your home.

Hand-poured in Provence into our apothecary amber glass jar. Thanks to the lid, you can keep the scent of your candle longer.

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